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General information about Pythium Oligandrum and our company.

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Herd immunity is inevitable.

Majority of the population will come across COVID 19 in a controlled way and we should therefore prepare for it.

Typical infection gateways are the airways – mainly the nose and the mouth. The oral microbiome contains more than 700 species of bacteria, molds, yeasts, even viruses. Our immune system has to maintain a balance among microorganisms in the oral cavity, otherwise an infection could break out. An infection can support systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, pneumonia, cancer and others that already keep the immune system very busy.

An important and a safe helper in maintaining a microbial balance in the oral cavity is a globally patented microorganism Pythium oligandrum, widely known as Smart Fungus.

"Pythium oligandrum suppresses the growth of molds and yeasts and the spread of bacteria in a safe manner, without any side effects. At the same time, it breaks down the biofilm on teeth, so that microorganisms have nowhere to hide, thus limiting the formation of tartar, which we hold a patent for in the USA as an example" says researcher Mr. Radim Klimeš.