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General information about Pythium Oligandrum and our company.

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Most of the world population will be confronted with COVID 19 and we should be prepared.

Infectionsenterour bodies through the airways - in particular the nose or mouth. The oral microbiome includes more than 700 bacterial, mould, yeast and even virus species.

To  prevent  an infection outbreak,  the  immune  system maintains a  microbial  balance in  the  oral  cavity.  The  risk  of  incurring  an  infection  is  even  higher ifthe  organism is already suffering from a systemic disease such as diabetes, heart condition, pneumonia, cancer etc., which in itself is quite overwhelming for the immune system.  

The worldwide  patented  microorganism  Pythium  oligandrum,  popularly  known  as SmartFungus,  can  significantly help maintain the microbial balance in the oral cavity.

“Pythium oligandrum stifles the growth of moulds and yeasts and it indirectly suppresses the bacteria by stimulating the breakdown of the microbial  film  on  the  teeth,  eliminating microorganisms  and thus preventing conditions favourable for the development of tartar”...says the researcher Radim Klimeš and further adds: “We have apatent for this in the USA, as an example”.