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Care for Intimate Parts

Problems in the intimate areas can also be caused by a yeast disease "Candida albicans", which is a common part of the microflora inside the vagina.




Vaginal Mycosis
In case of imbalance of the microflora, it may lead to yeast overgrowth and development of unpleasant problems that most often end up with a visit to the gynaecologist. It is manifested by a white discharge accompanied by an uncomfortable itching, burning, and pain during urination and sexual intercourse.

It is commonly treated by antifungals, which are applied in the form of vaginal suppositories or ointments. The ascending infection spread (upward) can lead to inflammation of the uterus or the urinary tract. According to statistics, vaginal mycosis affects about 75 % of women during their life and reoccuring in 50% of those. Vaginal Mycosis can become chronic for 5 % of women.

FEEL FRESH - a product containing the microflora Pythium oligandrum, intended for  intimate areas, where the skin is prone to dampness and yeast occurrence.

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